Friday, 24 November 2017

The Big Hoot - Community Art Project

Check out what David has been up to this week as part of The Big Hoot - an art project involving students from over 50 schools in Auckland including Pt England School. David was one of four Year 8s working with Miss Eadie to design and paint an owl that would represent our school and community. Awesome effort!

Hey guys I've been busy working on an amazing owl. The owl is a fundraiser for the cancer foundation. What we do with the owl is we paint it and when we finish we send it of to be place on the trail.The name of the program is 'little hoot'.It been fun working alongside my partners. Here are some picture of what we been up to.

Today (21/11/2017) has been good so far. The part I'm working on is the right wing. I finally finally finish the pattern  and getting started on the fish an the blow hole. Here  are some more pictures.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Blog of the Week: Loseli - Running: Sport or a Way of Life?

This week Loseli watched different videos and read some texts to get ideas to create a poster on the benefits of running. What do you think - Is running a sport or a way of life?

Friday, 10 November 2017

Blog of the Week: BRADLEY Question Cube

Today I made a cube with question my question were what who where when and how why I watched a video called (EL Sistema) In USA is about kids play instruments. Here is a picture for my cube some bit failed because it was sticky. My Question  when are  we be good at playing instruments, Who inspired them to play,

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

The Misfits

Kia ora koutou! Well, it's no secret that most of us in Room 2 at Pt England School love playing basketball. Check out our movie and see if a group of Year 7 & 8 'misfits' can work together and match up against the 'cool ' kids - enjoy!

Friday, 3 November 2017

Blog of the Week: BEN The Guest Speaker

this morning we had a guest speaker Mr Patterson he came to talk to us about our future he asked a couple of people what is there dream job he pointed at me and I said game designer. after he asked everyone about there dream job he asked us to figure out a little math question it was about our motivation he told us to figure out what the letters stood for  it was motivation , inspiration , aspiration, it stood for aim to aim for our goals.

he told us two story's the first story was about Mr Patterson at the airport in Australia his flight was cancelled so air New Zealand had to book a hotel room for all the people who were suppose to be on the plane. when he went to  the line he saw these two young adults with three kids at the back of the line so he put them all in the front of the line everyone in the line didn't complain about it they just let it happen. 

for the second story he told us that an eleven year old boy named Uili gave his lunch and his lunch money to a homeless man for two weeks the homeless man almost lost everything his job his wife and his house. after the eleven year old boy gave all his lunch money and lunch some people helped him as well now the homeless man has a job a rental home and is happy. in return for helping the homeless man the homeless man went to his school and told the school about what he did so Uili was rewarded a golden certificate. 

In conclusion Mr Patterson gave us a lot to think about for our future and that it has challenges in the future when we get older but to go for our dream job and to help others out in need like give someone at school doesn't have lunch then give the lunch to the person who needs it. I look forward to the future because then ill be older ,taller and hopefully have my dream job about being a game designer

Monday, 30 October 2017

Inquiry - Parts of the Orchestra

Check out the inquiry work from Angel and Amethyst...

This week we are working on a presentation that will be showing you about different instruments and  also different parts of a orchestra.

Friday, 27 October 2017

Blog of the Week: INEZ Explanation Writing - Regular Exercise

This week our blog of the week is from Inez who explains 'why regular exercise is important'.

Read her awesome piece of writing below and check out her blog to see more of her work.

Greetings, I will be explaining ‘Why is regular exercise important’. There will be three main points that I will focus on, in this piece of writing. Why we need to exercise, What happens if we don’t exercise, and How you can do regular exercises.

Firstly, Why do we need to exercise? It is important for everyone to exercise, because it will lower the risks of us having diseases. Also it’s unhealthy for our bodies to not get exercise. When you exercise it helps you sleep better. Exercising can also help those who struggle in life. It can also take your mind off things and make you feel better. It can sometimes be boring and tiring, but if you make it fun, you will enjoy it. When we exercise it reduces stress from our minds.

So, what happens if we don’t exercise? If you don’t exercise it can cause the immune system to weaken. It also makes it harder for our bodies to fight viruses, such as the flu and cold. You’re likely going to find yourself getting sick more often, if you do not exercise.

Finally, How can you do regular exercises? You can do your own exercises at home. There are awesome sites online that can help you exercise at home. Also if you sign up to a local gym, there are people, classes, and sessions, that can help you with your regular exercises.

In conclusion, regularly exercising can help make a difference in your life. But it’s all up to you if you want to exercise or not. I think it’s good for our bodies to get exercise. Even though I don’t really like exercising.