Wednesday, 5 June 2019

2019 Year 8 Leadership Camp

Last month, the Year 8 students from Pt England School headed off for 3 days and 2 nights to Kauaeranga Christian Camp in Thames. It was an awesome chance for them to step away from their usual school life and take on new challenges and experiences in an unfamiliar environment together with their classmates. Check out Part 2 of their time way in this short movie that screened on PENN (Pt England News Network) today. Enjoy!

Friday, 31 May 2019

Samoan Language Week 2019

"Lalaga le si'osi'omaga mo se lumana'i manuia
Weave an environment for a better future."

This is the theme for Samoan Language Week in 2019. In Team 5 we have enjoyed learning new words and phrases we can use everyday like "tulou" - an expression to use to excuse yourself if your movements are going to obstruct the view of others.

Check out some highlights from today's Samoan Language Week assembly.

Fa'afetai ma ia manuia tele le toe vaiaso.

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Blog of the Week: MARIA Year 8 Leadership Camp 2019

Check out this blog post from Maria, a Year 8 from Room 2 and her thoughts about
the Leadership Camp in Thames.

Last week Wednesday we all went to team 5 block when the bell rang, after we
all sat down including the year 7’s after they did the mihi, karakia we started to
sing the song that was chosen because it was a normal day but it was different
because of the notices was short. After we finish Mr Burt came to give the whole
team 5 a talk about how the year 8’s are going camp and the year 7’s needed to
take over the prefects because the year 8 prefects were going to the year 8 leadership camp.

When we were finish we all went to the hall to go pick up the bags and the
the instructions were to pick up any bag that was around when we pick up the
bags we put it on the bus when we started to finish putting the bags on the bus
we went to go and sit on our buses that was given to us to stay on. It took 2 hours
to get to the kauaeranga valley christian camp. When we were on the bus we
were playing talking to our buddies about how it would look like and i thought on
the other side of new Zealand would be cities but it’s a countryside with farms and
animals but it was cool looking at the animals and the farms.

When we had arrive at kauaeranga valley christian camp we all were meeting the
people that was introducing themselves to us, after they have introduce
themselves we started to put our gear into the cabins that we have bring to
stay at the camp.After we had put our gear into the camp we weren’t aloud to
put our sleeping bag and pillow onto the bed because the teacher said cause we
 had a lot of time to play today we had our first activity for thames we had go kart it
was fun i keep on going on it and everyone else was, it was so fun. We only had 2
days a night and he we had fun together when we had arrive and on the other days
we had a disco on our last day at camp it was so fun we had so many light off and
there was colourful lights shining. Then we started to go sleep before we hittin the
road back to school but we had a special place to go it was a garden with some
animals in their and plus their was secret pranks hidden it was so fun and funny.
After we were finish we started to go back to school and go back home.

Friday, 24 May 2019

Blog of the Week: NEVAEH - Co-ordinate Graphs

Task Description: This is the task we have been working on by using co-ordinates and X axis and Y axis.  As you could see that the shape is a Easter egg but we didn't just draw it like that, we had a sheet that had co-ordinates on and we had to plot the points on where the number says.  Then after plotting the lines we had to connect the dots and it will make the shape of a Easter egg.   

Friday, 17 May 2019

Blog of the Week: JARREKA - Botswana/Africa

Hi my name is Jarreka and I'm a student at pt England school:Tuesday,May 14th

This week Room 2 had to find information about Africa,My country in Africa was Botswana, Botswana is in the Southwest of Africa. I had to Research about Botswana and i found many facts that i didn't even know.

Please watch this slide for more information


Thursday, 2 May 2019

Blog of the Week: LEILANI - Tsuru no Ongaeshi/The Grateful Crane

This week's blog post is from Leilani in Room 2's Literacy class.

This week we are reading a new book called " Tsuru no ongaeshi , The grateful crane." I re wrote the story to share with younger kids at my school. 

Read Leilani's retold story below. What do you think the main message that this old folk tale from Japan is?

Monday, 29 April 2019

Term 2: Immersion Assembly - I Like Your Latitude!

Welcome to Term 2 at Pt England School - today we kicked off the new term with an Immersion Assembly. Read Nevaeh's blog post below to find out what happened!

On Monday the 29th of April, today is the start of  term 2 for 2019.  The whole of Pt England School had a school Immersion Assembly we had this theme called  " I Like Your Latitude. " Mr Burt was talking to us about what Latitude means. It took a while until he had finished, but when he finished we had moved on to watching each teachers from each teams making a movie and  a live performance  about what the team is going to  work about and talk about.  After watching team 1, 2 and 3's movie, my favourite one was watching team 4's movie. 

Team 4's  movie was really funny, the four teachers were called to go to Pak'n Save for no reason, but then one of the teacher's phone was ringing from the Mr Goodwin which was the one who said to go all the way to Pak'n Save, after the call the teachers had to find their way from Pak'n Save to Pt England School.  They couldn't use their phones for google maps they had to use a map and compass for help. They got the staff and went of finding their way.  The funny part about this was one of the teachers Mrs Sio went off trying her way of getting there all the teachers thought that she would get them back to school cause really looked like she would.  But instead of getting them to school she got them to follow her all way to Great Tongs takeaway and buying her a bag of chicken, so that Mrs Sio could eat all of the other teacher's was really mad at Mrs Sio. 

When they had finally got to school they were really happy and glad they had finally made, but they were also mad at Mr Goodwin so the teachers burst into the class rooms they were gonna have meeting but the 4 teachers were just mad at him so they were yelling at Mr Goodwin.  Miss West yelled at Mr Goodwin saying " Why don't you try finding your way back home, without using your phone." so she took his phone and they all walked away slamming the door and leaving Mr Goodwin having to do a meeting by himself.  

Every first day of the term Pt England School will have an Immersion Assembly to see what other teams will be doing for the term and Inquiry, also to find out what the theme is for the whole of term 2.