Friday, 14 April 2017

GET WATER WISE! - Te Taiao o Tāmaki - Te Oro Celebration

During the last week of Term 1, students from different schools in the Manaiakalani cluster came together at Te Oro in Glen Innes to share their learning on the inquiry theme -Te Taiao o Tāmaki/The Environment of Tāmaki.

OUR CONTRIBUTION: Students from Room 2 created a short movie, 'Get Water Wise!' to make people aware how easy it is to waste water and to suggest different ways to save water at home. Check out our movie below.

BACKGROUND: In the last couple of weeks it has been raining very hard. The heavy rain has unsettled silt in dams at a treatment plant where Auckland gets about half of its water from.  
This means the supply of clean drinking water in Auckland is now very low because only half the usual amount of water has been treated and is okay for us to drink. 
This is the worst water crisis in Auckland for 23 years!

ISSUE: Until the rain stops and the silt in the dams settles again, Aucklanders need to use less water than usual. In fact,  as a city, we need to save 50 million litres of water a day. This equals 20 litres or 2 large buckets of water for each person, every day.

If we run out of the clean water supply, we will have to use partially treated water - we will need to boil it before we can drink it safely.

SOLUTION: Let's find as many ways as possible to reduce the amount of water we use each day while we wait for the silt in the dams to settle and more water can be treated.

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