Friday, 28 July 2017

Winter Blogging Champion! - OLIVIA

We joined Rachel Williams and her team for the WINTER LEARNING JOURNEY. The challenge was to blog for seven days throughout the Term 2 holiday break while 'taking a tour around New Zealand/Aotearoa. Points were given out for the number of posts each student made AND the number of positive comments they made on other blogs. The winner would be the student with the most points.

Aneelis and Olivia participated from Room 2's home class. Aneelis had a creative idea for a new New Zealand flag here while Olivia's blogging efforts earned her a prize 3rd equal with Mitchell, another Year 8 student. Check out more of Olivia's award winning blog entries here. and see what she won below.

Watch out for the next LEARNING JOURNEY at the end of the year for the 2017/18 Summer break!

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  1. Hi Room 2
    Thank you for sharing your blog. I especially enjoyed reading about the Winter Learning Journey as I was learning about it myself. I was also impressed with your thoughts about NZ. We live in such a unique country.