Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Summer Blogging Champion! - LOSELI

Over the school holidays, students from around the Manaiakalani cluster of schools joined in the Summer Learning Journey organised by Rachel Williamson. 

Each student got to choose one country to 'visit'. They then spent four weeks completing different tasks and blogging about what they learnt about the destination's people, language and culture. There were prizes for the Top Bloggers in each school. 

One of the lucky winners at Pt England School is from Room 2 - Loseli won 3rd prize for blogging about Germany - check out her blog here - Congratulations Loseli for your awesome holiday blogging work!!!


  1. Nice work Loseli - what was in that prize pack?

  2. Hi Loseli
    Congratulations on the summer learning journey.

  3. congratulations keep working never give up

  4. loseli i like how the way you post this out congratulations for your prize im from glen innes school